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India’s No. 1 digital photo personalization and printing platform, Zoomin not only specializes in proprietary print personalization, but they have delivered happiness in the form of customer stories for the millions of photo products crafted by them, gorgeously. In tandem with customer needs, demands, and specifications, Zoomin aims to help its customers document every small and big moment of their lives, in a manner that both defines and suits them. The best brand possible for such needs from the point of view of personalization, Zoomin has a state-of-the-art print and production center, from where they address all sorts of requirements, delivering them not only across PAN India but across the globe.

“A picture speaks a thousand words.” Well, indeed, it does. There is so much a photo has to convey that I have always held the power of a picture to be akin to that of a magician. Pristinely capturing the moment and encasing it in a timeless limbo for infinity, a photo is always something that is a companion for most of us for life. Much more than a keepsake and a piece of décor, a picture is what makes us reminisce about life the way it should be, in tiny re-visits and wanderings that are, to say it honestly, the much-needed “elixir” of life.

And in case you are wondering what got into me, well, I came across and shopped some really beautiful gifting and décor items from this amazing website called Zoomin, which made me muse over the power of these tiny trinkets.

If you are looking to personalize your gifting by giving custom gifts, Zoomin is the place to be. Be it décor items like mood boards, canvas prints, quirky, customized frames, acrylic prints, photo books, desk calendars, bags and pouches, mugs, stationery, kids story books, and even chocolates, all of these are available here and can also be customized as per your wish.

I suddenly felt that along with my usual haul of my regular supplies of stationery and planners, I could check out and buy some great mini desk calendars for my brother, who prefers checking out the traditional “on-desk” calendar to plan his days, rather than his phone. Imagine my surprise then while I got totally smitten and entangled in buying so many beauties, for all at my place as well as for myself.

Here is what I got:

Wall-mount acrylic print for my Mom: With multiple categories to choose from, I was very easily able to upload photos to these online for a custom collage that would adorn the wall of my mom’s room. Made from superior quality acrylic, I have been meaning to gift something specially curated and personalized to Mom for quite a while now. With Zoomin, this wish came true. I settled for a vacation-themed print where I popped in pictures of all of us together whilst on cool holidays, so as to keep it for Mom as a reminder of how we, as a family, need to unwind every now and then, going back to our roots, our native place, or any other travel destination, with all of us together. After all, love is therapy, right?

The best part? The assimilation of the acrylic was totally online, all at the click of my fingers!

So, these were some of the amazing products I got for myself and my family from Zoomin. Do let me know which ones you are planning to buy. Stay tuned with us right here at Booxoul for the best in the fields of entertainment, shopping, fun, finance, travel, fashion, tech, and gadgets, as well as all things bookish.

Adios Amigos!

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