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We all are looking for budget Wireless Earbuds or Wireless, Bluetooth Hands-free earbuds or infamously Ear pods as we fondly call them that fall under Rs 2000 (No hard feelings, But I know we love the Apple ones but they are, Ahem kinda expensive..)

Hola people, how have you been this fabulous month of March 2022?

With the world slowly opening up and moving towards ‘Back to Normal’, one cannot help but be swept in the wave of positivity (no no, not the covid one) but one of Hope and resilience as well as a thought, yes we are nearing the end of the ordeal.

Aise main one this item from the world of electronics has made its presence very widely felt as well been a very important accomplice to us in these distressing times as we struggle to stay on calls, work meetings, webinars as well as all kinds of Audio Visual arrangements, Hands-free whilst still struggling and juggling between Work from Home and our daily, obligatory set of Home duties.

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So, today we thought why not get together a list of the 10 Best Budget Wireless Earbuds under Rs 2000 for you. The one thing that surely keeps you hooked onto all your tasks while still staying hands-free and being able to do other things:

1. Boult Audio Air Bass Propods X, Wireless in-ear, Earbuds with Mic

From the No 1 wireless headphones brand in India comes this superb piece which offers up to 8 hrs of playtime for every charge, making a total playtime of up to 32 hrs. With an IP X5 water resistance, it takes care of your sweat and water game too. And the Bass? Superbbb. Amazon is offering it for approximately Rs 1500. It features a one-touch control & voice assistant too which can launch Siri/Google assistant with one click. What’s more, is that it incorporates a high-quality mic for a better call performance too. It has a transmission distance of 20 metres.

2. Boat Airdopes 121v2 Bluetooth Wireless in-ear Earbuds with Mic

With an ergonomic design, this one offers a 3.5 hrs playback with an additional 10.5 with the included charging of the case. Having powerful 8 mm drivers, it has the capacity to give out an immersive audio experience all day long. It has an LED indicator too to display and keep a tab on the battery usage. Also, at 4 gms the buds in this one are practically lighter than paper. Did I mention it has a beautiful two-tone finish which makes up for its stylish looks? This one too is priced around Rs 1500.

3. P-Tron Bass Buds Duo

A superb hi-fi stereo sound and voice assistant, this one is a steal deal too at approximately Rs. 800 on Amazon. It also has a mono/stereo mode as well as the latest A2DP technology which is surely a hit. Not to forget the voice assistant support it offers along with the snug fit in-ear design. The fact that it is an IPX4 water /sweat proof and offers passive noise cancellation adds to its quality value as well as experience. It is ultra-lightweight and has an HD quality mic. For a product which is under Rs. 1000 this one is surely one to bookmark.

4. Noise Buds VS 103

With sharp and comfortable sounds, this one offers a playtime of up to 4.5 hrs on a single charge and an additional 13.5 hrs making a total of 28 hrs with the case. With a 10 mm speaker driver, experience signature Noise technology with Hyper Sync. It also offers IPX5 water resistance. With full touch controls, navigate and use Siri/Google Assistant with a single touch. A good value for money.  This one is currently priced at Rs 1500 on Amazon.

5. Infinity (JBL) Swing 350

With a combined playback of 24 hrs, deep bass and dual EQ you can enjoy both mono as well as stereo sounds. Also, IPX4 is splash-proof! It also gives a very comfortable snug fit and a very secure grip. You can use even a single bud for your use and keep the other in the box. Also, the voice assistant is very much there in this model so you can check everything from the weather to the news to catch up your dose of daily music all in one click. Not to forget the comfortable fit and the steal price of Rs 1500 only on Amazon.

6. Oppo Enco W11

With an increased Bass, these are one of the best for gaming too, offering a battery life of up to 24 hrs. It supports Dolby Atmos & AAC Audio for an immersive audio experience. It is equipped with TPU-PEEK material which has a double layer composite diaphragm design. It also supports Intelligent call noise cancellation. With an 80 ms low latency, it offers perfect video and audio syncing during gaming. It is priced at Rs 1500

7. Blaupunkt BTW25

With water resistance, 26 hrs battery playtime, this is a budget steal deal as well. That is because along with bass you get an extra thump in the sound as well as a snug fit which makes it shake-proof. It is also IPX 5 sweat resistant. With booming bass and crystal clear treble, not only is its design ergonomic but also very lightweight. Priced at Rs 1799 on Amazon.

8. Zebronics Zeb-Sound Bomb 1

Super stylish and splash-proof this offer a truly wireless experience. Equipped with 6 mm drivers they offer an immersive audio experience. Offering up to 12 hrs of playtime, the perfect voice controls as well a good built-in mic. Lightweight and a unique design, these offer a connectivity range of up to 10 metres. Voice assistant is available as well. They are available for Rs 850 on Amazon. 

9. Mivi DuoPods M40

With up to 24 hrs playback, these are truly a comfortable choice. Providing an immersive studio-quality sound, these offer a boosted Bass for a better experience. Offering a perfect, secure In ear-fit, these are your go-to option for futuristic pods designed for the audiophile in you. Priced at Rs 1500 these are again a great option to consider.

10. Redmi Ear Buds 2C

With a comfy fit and passive noise cancellation and Voice assistant, these are a choice to keep in mind as well. With a sleek and stylish design and a compact case and also the fact that they are IPX 4 rated splash and sweatproof, these make for some of the best available in the market at this rate. Along with a snug fit, they also offer a seamless single and dual earbud switch. Currently available at approx. 1600 on offers at various outlets and Amazon too.

So, these were our top best budget Earbuds under Rs 2000. Do let us know what you think of this list. Also, keep coming back for your daily dose of recommendations as well as reviews and the latest from the world of entertainment, lifestyle, travel as well as all things bookish.

‘This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla in collaboration with RRE Studios and ShowCase Events.’

Take care, stay safe peeps…

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24 Responses

  1. Thank you for these recommendations Rekha… its very helpful for me cuz I want to switch to pods n be wire free.

  2. I have used air dots something similar but trust me the wired ones are still on top

  3. Informative post. I’m using Moonwalk Mini Earbuds and they are treating me great since a year now.

  4. Such a timely post! I have been looking for recommendations to buy earbuds, and your post has given me such a range of choices and super glad that you have mentioned the prices. Checking out the RedMi pods.

  5. This is a great list. Thanks for the recommendations. Airpods are quite costly too but now bluetooth headphones and airpods are used more and hence buying a good one that lasts long is necessary at such times reviews like yours help.

  6. Wireless ear buds are a necessity nowadays. I was looking for BOAT but thanks to you, have other brands to explore too.

  7. I am not a fan of ear pods. I prefer a wired earpiece that I take off when not in use. So I like the bluetooth ones that have a wires and can be put on the next when not in use.
    My husband though likes earpods and I had gifted him a Boat one a couple of years back that he likes very much. I didnt know Blaukpunt had something and that too below 2k!

  8. Thank you for these recommendations. It is really helpful to choose the right pod which fulfill our requirement.

  9. I have the Boat earpods and they work quite well. I will check out the other ones too. Thanks for compiling the list..

  10. Thank you for sharing such a useful post. I am bookmarking this for the next time I am shopping for pods. Wired earphones can be a pain.

  11. Currently I am using JBL and totally in love with them. They are so convenient and such great quality product and the best part is their packaging. Thanks for sharing this.

  12. I actually have two of these- the airdopes and the redmi ones- the airdopes are def fantastic. Thanks so much for the thought out reccos

  13. Lovely…I was wondering which pods to choose but putting off the research. Thank you for sharing all these options I think I will go for BOAT as it is made in India. Saving it on Amazon right now

  14. An amazing post. People looking for wireless pods will surely find your post helpful. Thank you so much for the recommendations.

  15. What a coincidence! I just got my hands on a new phone that doesn’t have a headphone jack and was supposed to research wireless earphones. I’m so glad I came across your blog, no more research needed. Haha!

  16. Your suggestions are good. I just received my pTron earbuds today because for me jbl and boat r expensive.

  17. I use Boat ear pods they work well for me. And I ahve worked with pTron before early in my career days they provide amazing products too

  18. Oh yes I cant live without mine. These are some very good recommendations. I need to explore a bit.

  19. Such wide options you have shared here with details, so if one wants a one stop to get all details on a budget friendly research the search would end here for sure.

  20. Wow you’ve gone really in-depth in your research for this post!