Exploring the World of Maya with The Author Meera J Pillai for her Book Maya and the Sword of Gringak

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A fantasy YA fiction I had read some time ago written by Meera J Pillai titled Maya and the sword of Gringak is an engaging YA fantasy that made me intrigued to find out a bit more about the Author Meera J Pillai. A super writer, here is an author who is not only supremely talented but also a master of many abilities. Presenting Meera j Pillai, Author of Maya and the Sword of Gringak

The first book revolving around Maya, a teenager with ordinary desires also showcases her adventures and most importantly her journey onto a destiny she has to prepare to embrace that will make her a saviour of Earth. It is a 2 part series where the story is set in a parallel universe dwelling in the midst of the human world. Maya navigates the hurdles thrown at her with the help of friends, family and her own inner strength which she discovers on this journey. A story encapsulating romance, action, suspense, magical creatures and much more this is an exceptional tale which is sure to take you to lands of unexplored adventure and fantasy.

As a spot of superb imagination is involved in writing a fantasy, I always feel it is an extremely challenging task to write it. YA is especially a zone where a world which does not exist is created without any point of reference. Thus, as a writer, it is quite a daunting piece of the task to create the same. 

Meera has successfully managed to do so and has ensured that the creativity and research involved in the same are kept to the highest possible echelon whilst doing so.

Exploring the World of Maya with The Author Meera J Pillai for her Book Maya and the Sword of Gringak

Meera who has done her initial schooling in Kolkata and Chennai has done her Mass Communication from Coimbatore and Post-Graduation from Kerala. After finishing her education she took on the role of Chief Sub Editor at the Deccan Chronicle initially followed by the Programming Head at Chennai Live Radio station, Director at MJ Enterprises and many other prestigious posts. Currently, a VP at Sports leap consulting, a well-known sports company in South India. Being a freelance journalist to her opportunities to explore her creative side was always minimal she feels. Maya and the Sword of Gringak were born in such a creative spurt that she felt the urge to pen down this story she felt was waiting to be told.

Thanks to the legacy imparted by JRR Tolkien, J K Rowling, Lewis Caroll and other fantasy writers who made all the difference, Meera chose this genre above others. She strongly feels that when one feels passionate about a subject they will be at their best writing it too. Thus, even though it is intimidating and challenging to create it there is great joy attached to writing it too.

She is currently working on the second part of the book which will bring Maya’s story to an end. Meera feels that this one will bring the right justice to all the characters she had created in the first book and will also give the right closure to their story.

Review: Maya and the Sword of Gringak by Meera J Pillai

Being a master in so many traits, her message to young budding Authors all over is simple-

Just Keep writing. It is not easy to write a book in the first go. It takes a lot of patience and rewriting to get a book published but it is possible. If you have a story out there to tell then there is an audience for it out there.

 Also, for aspiring writers, she feels that one of the things that hold them back is their self-doubt about their own story. She further reiterates that every writer gravitates toward a particular genre and thus finding the right genre is important, as the language, characterizations and plot development begins from there.

Brilliant advice by a brilliant writer. So, hope you guys liked this Author spotlight for Meera J Pillai. Join us at Booxoul in wishing her the very best for her next in the series. Also, stay tuned for the best in the field of entertainment, travel, lifestyle, fashion, food, tech and gadgets as well as all things bookish.

Adios Amigos!!

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