10 Best Book Bloggers An Author Must Look Out For While Getting The Book Reviews

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Here are my favourite 10 Best Book Bloggers

Written that book you have been meaning to for ages, finally? Wow! Finally accomplished that endeavour you have been meaning to for long, haven’t you? Superb. Congrats to you.

But hey, your work is cut out all ready for you. Coz, the next important step comprises promotions and marketing. It is not only essential that you create entertaining, enlightening and error-free content, but it is also equally essential to ensure that it is promoted and marketed to the potential end readers of your genre successfully so that your book meets the adulation, recognition and the success it truly deserves.

Reviews being the first step towards achieving this, here is a list of the 10 best book bloggers in India who will not only read and review your books but will also give you their honest feedback along with putting you on the right path to improving your writing as well as making your current work a success, helping you bridge the gap between your work and the end reader.


Please note, that this list is random and in no particular order as we have compiled this one purely on the basis of facts and research and it is in no way whatsoever influenced on any account. It has been compiled solely to give you a hands-on go-to sheet to take care of your book review requirements.

1. BookGeeks

With more than 80000 reader base following across platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, they form one of India’s best book review blogs in India. Along with book reviews and recommendations, they also help one promote their book through brilliantly crafted reviews. With a unique and diverse array of blogs, it is hard to miss this one.

2. The Book Satchel

Created by Susan Resh this one has a follower base of around close to 60k followers on Instagram itself. A writer, editor as well as a Visual storyteller, Susan creates not only brilliant reviews but blogs too which have been published across prominent print handles such as Vogue In, Vogue India, HuffPost, The Lit Edit etc. Korean dramas and cosy reads are her favourites, here is one blogger who has to be on your list for the best and better than many.

3. Reader Viddh

With a following of more than 21k followers, this is one trending hot favourite bookstagrammer, I’d seriously recommend getting your book as well as you the spotlight deserved. Featured in Outlook India, Midday, fond of journaling, Vidhya Thakkar, a book influencer and the head of this one, is one of India’s first bookstagrammers too along with a social media strategist.  

4. Book Gobbler

founded by Siddhi Palande, a Book editor as well as one of India’s top book bloggers, this is another account you need to keep in mind for its diverse coverage across platforms prominently. Having been featured on Femina, Midday and BrutIndia, here is a blogger who has equal traction on even YouTube as well as Twitter as well as blogs.

5. Bookish Fame

Founded by Khyati Gautam, a Digital creator, who loves reading and writing and has read and reviewed 600+ books so far, here is another brilliant blogger whose blog feed is as beautiful and eye-catching as the city she comes from -Madhya Pradesh. An engineer and an aspiring marketing professional, she loves to read, review, discusses and write about books. Along with reviews she also posts poetry as well as musings alongside interviewing Authors.

6. Pen And Papers

Aayushi, the creator of this one is again, a reviewer whose reviewing as well as journaling is popular, having garnered more than 18k followers on Instagram alone. Along with book reviews, she is also into collaborations and can be reached out to for anything related to books and reading.

7. Solitude And Books:

Founded by Camelia B Saha, who is a literary blogger, here is another prominent handle featured on Buzz feed and bound to introduce you to the latest and the best reads. Along with book reviews, you shall also find book vibes and musings here. P.S, she is also into the skin as well as hair care and has a brand by the same name.

8. Avani Reads:

A digital creator, a blogger as well as an HR professional, Avani Shah of Avani reads and loves to write about books, lifestyle, food as well as travel. Fond of journaling, she has a followership of around 15k plus on Instagram and is a prominent reviewer too.

9. Ask The Book Bug:

Krutika, the creator of this one loves books as well as food, dogs and coffee. A blogger from Vizag, here is another blogger who boasts of some of the best reviews generated in the arena. Her Instagram account has 10k followers.

10. Booxoul:

And last but not the least, it’s us, whoopppiee ! Ok, before you guys are like “Is the donkey praising his own tail? No, absolutely not as having followership of more than 13k, we love, speak and do all things bookish. With the best possible book recommendations, blogs, reviews as well as Author Spotlights, we are your go-to handle for not only book reviews but also all kinds of strategic marketing as well as book and Author promotions. Don’t believe us? Check out our blog, social media platforms as well as Google reviews and the national as well as International acclamation we have garnered.

So, this was our list of the top 10 book bloggers and book reviewers in India in no particular order, for you to read and bookmark for your next book review as well as marketing requirement. 

Do let us know in the comments below what you think of this list.

Keep tuning in to Booxoul for daily to catch the best from the field of entertainment, lifestyle, food, travel, tech and gadgets as well as all things bookish.

Adios Amigos!!  

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