5 Reasons Why the Clever Harvey Junior MBA Program Is a Must for Students

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So, with a host of options to choose from as far as careers are concerned, education has become a highly competitive field. It needs to be given a lot of attention by students, to put their best foot forward and amp up the performance game, learn things outside of the box, and ensure that they deliver like a pro. Clever Harvey, one of India’s leading educational platforms, has the answer to this concern. Yes, you heard right! Here are 5 reasons why the Clever Harvey Junior MBA program is a must for students.

The purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.

Sydney J

Indeed, education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

It is the single most powerful force that can lead you places, helping you achieve what you desire in your life. 

In today’s world, “competitiveness” seems to have become a way of life. Gone are the days when a single degree, course, or board provided ample opportunity to pursue better career options in the future. I believe that the new educational system will require a multifaceted, multi-dynamic approach. In terms of a perfect career setup, I always believe that a stream of education that delivers the maximum possible vitalities does the trick.

5 Reasons Why the Clever Harvey Junior MBA Program Is a Must for Students

While cruising through such qualms, I came across the Junior MBA program by Clever Harvey and realised that it is one of the best options available in today’s times for the perfect all-round educational program offered to help cater to many spectrums, being broad-based as well as universally accommodating.

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So, to sum up, clever Harvey’s Junior MBA programme is your ideal way to provide your child with the dream career and education abroad that he seeks and aspires for. It actually functions as a sort of business incubator for teenagers—a course or an institution that provides determined teens with the best resources, mentors them, and trains them to become the best aspirants for the various ambitious careers they wish to pursue in the future.

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Clever Harvey’s junior MBA program, which allows access to 50+ universities from one single source, is surely your go-to option as far as your child’s future career planning is concerned.

So, then comes the more pressing question:-

Why is the Clever Harvey Junior MBA Program a must for students?

The wit who defined education in this way was not wrong, as Albert Einstein put it well. Education is what remains after a person has forgotten everything he learned in school. Indeed, the Junior MBA programme provides everything a student requires to improve their education and career. Here are 5 reasons why Clever Harvey’s Junior MBA program is a must:

Time Efficient

With 15 sessions of one hour each, the course being spread from Monday to Friday for 3 weeks, this is surely one of the most competitive and efficient courses as far as time management is concerned. I mean imagine the entire course material being spread out for each individual subject in this amount of time. Seems superb, to be able to cover that amount of content in that competitive amount of time. Devoting one hour daily also ensures that you do not have to give away much of your other time, which you may have dedicated for other stuff aka the other education time.


With live online sessions via Zoom, which seems to have become the preferred method of dispersion during lockdown times, the program is certainly one of the more lucrative options available out there, a cut above many others. What makes it even more approachable is the flexible choice of batch timing it offers. Today, time is of the utmost importance, as is the fact that students need to adhere to and fulfil multiple commitments at once. In such a scenario, flexibility, the convenience of platform and timings is something that makes Clever Harvey a cut above the rest.

Industry Certified

With the kind of big brands affiliated with it, Clever Harvey is one name that surely has been on my watch list for a while now, with the kind of end results it promises and successfully delivers. Clever Harvey definitely stands out with the kind of certifications it receives, according to the word on the street from my niece’s group. I mean, think of the way it will show up on your child’s college and internship applications, guys! That kind of brand association and tryst is something I would give an arm for any day to push my kid to the upper echelons of career placement.  

Fun-Oriented Learning

You know I always feel that fun is the only way to learn and how! When learning is done in an entertaining manner, it surely retains more than ever, with students surely developing an instant liking to it and adhering to and retaining it for longer. With live, interactive sessions, and friendly faculty it is always a more holistic kind of learning and education that is achieved as compared to the regular sit-down, classroom learning. So, yeah brownie points to Clever Harvey for that.

Build Your Own Project

Yes, it’s a real-the brand, the affiliates they bring about, the opportunity they offer to the students for becoming a part of some of the most prestigious brands and getting a chance to deliver the best of their abilities. And I always feel that when you put the brink of deliverance on the child, he/she always will come out shining to the best of their abilities and perform par excellence.

So, these are 5 reasons why the Clever Harvey Junior MBA program is a must for students. Let me know what you think of this one. Also, stay tuned with us right here at Booxoul for the best in the fields of education, fun, finance, entertainment, food, fashion, tech, and gadgets, as well as all things bookish.

Adios, amigos, and have a great, superb, rocking, and wonderful new year 2023!

P.S. Keep checking this space; you guys will update you in detail on what is being offered by Clever Harvey through a host of program. In the meantime, fill out the following form or send an email to know more and to also avail yourself of additional benefits while pursuing this one.

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