Clever Harvey-JuniorMBA: An Initiative Preparing Young Minds for their Ideal Dream Career and Education Abroad

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You must be wondering how to give your child an ideal dream career and education abroad.

Well, let me ask you first

Do you want to learn the secrets of the trade and apply them to major brands like Domino’s, PUMA, TAJ,, Infinity Cars, Kellogg’s, Samsonite? Excited about looking at the brands already? Wait there’s more! Don’t you want your child to have a fabulous head start to an exciting career, whilst prepping up right away? So, no worries coz I have you sorted and how…

So, do you know what lies behind the success of major brands that are ruling the markets today and riding high on the juxtaposition between success and persistent deliverance? No? Ok, let’s try again. Do you think, given the ever-increasing scale of creativity and skill, you have it sorted when it comes to the perfect training and educational strategy for your child? Negative again?

Well, with the ever-increasing competition threatening to affect the productivity as well as the performance criteria of all aspiring students today, it is only natural that we get paranoid about their careers as well as their futures given the present scenarios and ongoing trends.

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I know you must be like I want to ensure that my child is surely one who joins the MBA clan, becomes a future MBA, achieves his/her goals and gains the ultimate edge in life. So, looking for ways to improve and upscale their educational traits? Ok, I have you sorted here.

Imagine a business incubator for teenagers, a course, an institution supporting determined teens with the perfect resources, mentorship as well as financial aid needed to go from a core idea to a full-fledged business in a period of 3 months. Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? Also imagine having access to 50+ universities, all from one single source.

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Intrigued enough? Hmm, let me present JuniorMBA programs, Clever Harvey’s educational venture which is your perfect means to leading your children to the next level of success and the perfect dream career with rooting and pitching early on, in their educational lives. 

Junior MBA Form

What is JuniorMBA?

The Junior MBA programs are short 15-hour courses that allow teenagers to experience various corporate roles, unlock industry certifications and also develop the skills needed to succeed in the real world. With a portfolio of projects offered, and rapid career exposure you can ensure that your teens are perfectly poised to make confident career choices as well as get an edge in Admissions or Internships thanks to the Industry certification they receive.

Yes, real-world skills and their importance is extremely essential, much more than grades too. That is where Clever Harvey’s Junior MBA programs come into the picture. Divided broadly into the following categories:

Digital Marketing

Want to teach your child how to build big brands? With user research, creative storytelling and presentation skills, teach them the perfect way to create a social media campaign for any brand.

Design and Branding

Teach your kid how to create innovative and unique designs.  Skills such as visual design, creativity as well as presentation skills, help them learn how to build rapid prototypes of new and interesting packing.


Want to learn how to influence others with strategic communication? Learn creative thinking, presentation and public speaking too in this one. You will be able to make your own original pitch for a video ad after doing this one.


Want to present your own business plan in just 15 hours and learn how to turn problems into opportunities? Learn strategic thinking, problem-solving as well as the perfect decision-making skills in this one.

UX Design

Want to learn how to design amazing customer experiences? Excel in research, prioritizing as well as understanding others whilst mastering the art of designing customer experiences. 


Learn how to apply modern technology to solve problems by getting a perfect grasp on logical and analytical thinking, problem-solving as well as learning new innovations sans any knowledge of coding.

Data Analytics

With analytical thinking, and data handling teach your kids how to analyze data for making strategic decisions whilst recommending a growth strategy for brands.


Want to learn how to manage your money smartly? With skills such as money management, strategic investments, business skills as well as data analytics teach your kids to manage money smartly, as also the financial system whilst developing a smart investment strategy for the perfect financial success.

So, excited enough? So, let your kids get a head start in their future careers then. Click on the link below to know more.

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