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Mystical Narratives

Rekha Bhagtani
Author: Karishma Chhatrapati


You know the best conversations are often held amidst the candid notes exchanged between the heart and the mind? That is because it is often a battle of wills, as the heart often wants to turn and settle down in another direction while the mind tends to reason out the same. Bringing to us today a set of candid conversations between moonlight and moonshine, Mystical Narratives by Karishma Udit Chhatrapati is a collection of poems that delve into the idiosyncrasies of the emotional well-being of a person, prioritizing them over all other things.

I love my dark side, full of wisdom.
For it makes me adore my illumination.
My darkness is my teacher.
My light is my celebration.

What beautifully scintillating words! Every word resonates so astonishingly. As if the whole point of the quote is to ensure that one sees through their imperfections, rising above all that is dark and reaching the silver lining of the dark cloud they battle in life. Indeed, darkness is a teacher so powerful that seldom can one fathom the depth of the enlightening insight that it delivers, nonchalantly, just lumbering across our path when we are met with a difficult situation.

Do you know the best aspect of the moon? Well, it is a true mark, a talisman, symbolizing a relentless endeavour to always move forward despite all odds. Even though it rises in the dark, such is its incandescence and luminosity that it throws all that is around it in sharp relief.

I wondered why I had turned to such intense conversations, giving out metaphoric references to the moon. Well, I read a beautifully curated compilation of poetry by Karishma Udit Chhatrapati called Mystical Narratives, which is a set of conversations between moonlight and moonshine where the moon shines and represents us. In an endeavour to address the complete importance of overall well-being, which comprises both emotional and physical aspects, Karishma has created this beautiful anthology of poems, addressing emotional well-being in such a heart-rending tone. Firstly, the exchange between moonshine and moonlight felt so resonating that I was caught up completely in the idiosyncrasies imparted by the wisdom Karishma has tried to impart through these conversations.

Moonshine is a character who, to the best of my perception, in this scenario, depicts us as individuals, showing our fears and anxieties along with our pain, turning to moonlight for guidance and also to find peace and closure to questions that are complex to decode otherwise. Lighting moonshine’s path with her wisdom, it was moonlight who was guiding her in these narratives, akin to how a mentor would possibly guide their protegee’ through the thicks and thins that make up life for the curve ball it is always considered to be.

Giving moonshine courage and valour each day, the poems, aka the narratives, are deeply immersive and also show us how to cultivate courage and fashion it in a manner to implement it in a higher life condition, better than the one we are currently a part of.

I love how the poems manage to capture the struggles we face in our real lives and set them as examples, which are being discussed in this manner by these two. Words flow so effortlessly in these pieces that the entire exercise of introspection that Karishma has tried to do through these renditions is well-targeted, healing the most vulnerable parts of our souls. To be honest with you guys, a couple of pieces felt as if they were like a comforting pat on a maimed soul, drenching one’s heart with solace.

Self-reflection, which is the primary step in one’s journey towards achieving complete emotional well-being, has been extremely well-versed in this one by Karishma. I understand that, as a life-transforming life coach, she has used her life skills to enlighten others and elevate their lives to a much higher condition. Not only is her prowess as a coach evident but so is her flair for excellent word depiction. A simple conversation between, say, two souls perhaps seeking solace, a closure of sorts in life, this one has been pulled up brilliantly, raised high above a usual and regularly splendid anthology of reflective poetry. This is a collection you ought to read today to understand the fine intricacies of life, the hidden pearls of wisdom, and most importantly, use them to reflect on your daily paths of life, transcending them to a much better place. Go for this one if you want to improve your life today.

I hope you like the poetry book review of Mystical Narratives by Karishma Chhatrapati.

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