Upcoming K-Dramas to Watch Out for in the Months of June and July 2023

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K-Dramas are one of the few contents on TV and OTTs that have taken the world by storm, literally. With fresh romance infused, dramatic plotlines, amazing fashion statements made, great comic timing, and awesome cinematography, not to mention the awesome-looking cast, it is difficult to not like them. Thus, here is your usual list of upcoming K-dramas to watch out for in the months of June and July 2023.

K-dramas are my usual go-to whenever I want a respite from my hectic and busy schedule, as well as reading, which can be daunting at times. The reason why I love them and why I feel they are so popular is because of their ability to connect so well with their audiences owing to their relatability. Not only are the characters in them interesting, but the entire detail, right from cinematography to fashion, characterization detailing, and even the actors, is amazing. And that is why not only I but everybody else loves K-dramas.

So, here I am, back with my usual recommendations of upcoming K-dramas to watch out for in the months of June and July 2023

June 2023

Sound Candy

What happens when, at a pension gathering in Jeju, a group of young people from different neighbourhoods get together? Through the sound candy mystery, they re-discover their friendship and love for one another.


A noir action drama that follows three young people who unfortunately step into private loans to get money and get embroiled in a huge conspiracy. Streaming on Netflix starting June 9th, 2023.

The Villain of Romance

A true, realistic romance This one is the story of two young people, presumably college nemeses of sorts, still getting acquainted with each other. This is a coming-of-age tale. Catch it on the Rakuten Viki app.

See You in My 19th Life

A story about a woman named Ban-Ji-Eum who has been reincarnated at least 1000 times and surprisingly recalls all of these. Sounds spooky and uncannily eerie, huh? Catch this fantasy romance on Netflix.

King the Land

This one follows Goo Won, the son of a Chaebol family that not only owns but also operates the King group. Which runs hotels, an airline, and distribution companies too. Catch this comedy romance on Netflix.

The Devil (Revenant)

A woman possessed by a devil and a man who can see the devil and also strives to seek the truth behind the mysterious deaths happening around her! Hmm, the spooky quotient was amplified further! Touted to be airing on Disney + Hotstar from June 23, 2023 

Durian’s Affair

This one is a melodramatic fantasy series that depicts two women from an aristocratic family of the Joseon dynasty time-travelling to the year 2023. Releasing on June 24, 2023, on Netflix.


Elucidating stories that happen and unfold within an accounting firm, this one revolves around an accountant with a high school diploma who fights against injustice. Releasing on June 23, 2023, on MBC TV.

The Miracle Brothers

Yuk-Dong-joo, a hot-blooded young man, has nothing but debt until he meets Kang San, an unidentified boy with mysterious abilities. As a warm friendship develops, there is more to the story than meets the eye. Premiering on June 28, 2023, on JTBC.


The story of Seon Woo-Hyul, a half-human, half-vampire who somehow ends up living with the cold-hearted woman Joo-in-hae. Releasing on June 26, 2023, on KBS2.


This one portrays the enigmas and aspirations surrounding those who use social media to influence other people and live as “celebs”. It also portrays the others who enviously look on, watching the celebs as they do so. Coming soon on June 30, 2023, on Netflix.

JULY 2023

Well, July is an equal feast too!

Shadow Detective 2

A Disney+ original, this one actually premiered in October 2022 last year and grabbed enough eyeballs to make it one of the top spots for one of the best crime thrillers of all time. Revolving around Kim Tae Rok, a detective nearing retirement, the preparations of which get delayed when he receives a suspicious call from an old friend who has presumably killed his colleague Woo Hyun Seok. This is the second season. Hitting screens on July 5, 2023.

My lovely Liar

The story of a woman called Mok Sol Hee who is unable to trust other people due to a strange ability of hers to hear lies, this one has a murder suspect called Kim Do Ha, who BTW lacks the ability to prove his innocence. Will the 2 meet and turn the story around, falling in love against these odds? Coming from July 24, 2023, on TvN.


So, these were upcoming K-dramas to watch out for in the months of June and July 2023. So, get ready and bookmark your watchlists with the best K dramas of your choice, guys.

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Adios Amigos!

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