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5 Biggest Bollywood Scandals of 2022

Is Goddess Kali smoking a cigarette? Scandalized aren’t we, hearing it alone? Well, Indian documentary filmmaker Leena Manimekalai drew flak when she shared the poster for her upcoming, depicting this whilst also featuring the lead holding both the Trishul as well as an LGBTQ flag in her hand. Whilst many demanded serious penalization for this, a look at the 5 Biggest Bollywood scandals and controversies of 2022 that made waves.

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Clever Harvey-JuniorMBA: An Initiative Preparing Young Minds for their Ideal Dream Career and Education Abroad

Want your child to be a part of the best possible company or education abroad when he grows up? Do you see him as a part of say PUMA, INFINITY CARS, Taj and other amazing brands? Nowadays, being exposed to the internet, with just a few clicks you have a host of options to choose from as far as educational programs are concerned.

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23 Best Places to Travel in 2023

Holidays and vacations, which are a primary part of our lives, seem to have taken a back seat in the last 2 years, thanks to COVID. However, with the pandemic finally having relented, it feels awesome to be planning vacations and holidays, getting back to life and “living again”. So, what are you waiting for?
Pack your bags and get ready coz we are here with a list of the 23 Best Places to Travel in 2023

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