Breaking The Social Stereotypes: Spotlighting Talented Debutant Ishita Desai, Author Of Cricket Crazy Girl

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Author Spotlight: Talented Debutant Ishita Desai, Author Of Cricket Crazy Girl

Children’s Literature, especially in India, seems to be gaining awareness and momentum thanks to the picky and hands-on attitude parents have begun to show in investing in their children’s and teens’ books in terms of time and money. Thanks to the emergence of the self-publishing platform, whilst there were only a handful of Authors earlier, there has been a spurt in the number of writers in Children’s literature. So, today we thought of getting you one such superb recommendation for a sports fiction that is a must-read for both children as well as teens this summer. Presenting talented debutant Author Ishita Desai and her work Cricket-Crazy Girl which is of its kind sports fiction, breaking all social stereotypes.

Cricket Crazy Girl is the story of Tania who in spite of all odds decides to join the boy’s cricket team, fighting off all odds both on and off the ground. There are for starters, a lot of stigmas associated with girls playing a so-called boys’ game. To make matters worse there is this boy Rahul who seems to be harbouring a clear thought that she should simply not be playing in the first place but just be a spectator on the sidelines. Can Tania fight off these social stigmas and make it to the cricket team. Read the book to find out.


Ishita Desai, the Author of this super inspiring title has addressed and brought to light a very major social issue that seems to be haunting all strata of our societal standards, littering all walks of our life with its demented presence. That issue is the orthodox, old-world philosophy that women or girls are simply second class citizens and that they cannot lead anywhere, be it any platform and are meant to be only confined to household and secondary, odd jobs. Cricket Crazy Girl not only breaks this social stereotype but also ensures that teens, children and every single person who reads this book realize the importance of not only the correct behaviour but also acknowledge the equilibrium and balance of the importance of both sexes.

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Cricket as a sport is definitely over worshipped in India to the point of crazy. Today, there surely can be no better ground or premise to build upon, fictionize and motivate people than doing it through a story revolving around cricket. Also, this particular title is doubly cool owing to its mass appeal and a universal approach which makes it affable for teens as well as children alike. Even, Ishita confesses that whilst writing and editing this one she always has treated this one more like a children’s product.

The book holds a lot of refreshing relativity that is sure to take you back into the realms of nostalgia, to those golden school days which we miss so much today. 

If you were to ask me I would say that the best thing about Ishita’s book is the wavelength she matches with the reader and that too at a universal level, thanks to her superbly created characters, a well-conceptualized plot, a simple yet well written scenic kind of a narrative (Oh yes, she ensures that the vocabulary is not too difficult as well as the scenes in the story are more action-oriented than descriptive so that there is a mass appeal attached to it).

The title too, for this one really resonates with me for one, as I sincerely picture a snazzy, zingy, relentless girl playing away from her way on the cricket ground, in my mind’s eye when I hear this one.

Ishita, for whom writing has been a true companion right from her childhood, admits that the inspiration to write, came to her while leafing through her brother’s diary which encapsulated not only slogans, speeches, poems but also a commentary on world events and random ones which were funny, opinionated, furious as well as sarcastic and which gave her the push to write something equally great. 

Having finished her Master in Arts Journalism and also a short stint in print media, I want to hand it to this super talented debutant today for creating a unique, yet entertaining and motivating piece of sports fiction that will not only relate to but also break the social stereotypes whilst addressing the stigmas we, as a society has been facing for ages now. Kudos to her for doing something so intense yet in such a breezy, brilliant way.

So this was an introduction to a talented debutant Author Ishita Desai who is breaking the social stereotypes with her latest sports fiction titled Cricket Crazy Girl. Hope you liked this summer reading recommendation for teens and also related to this article. Do let us know in the comments below what other blogs you would like us to write and we at Booxoul, India’s best book review and lifestyle website would be happy to bring them forth for you.

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  1. Manali Desai April 7, 2022 at 8:11 pm

    This looks really interesting, especially because it combines two of my favorite things, cricket and books 😀

  2. Brinda April 11, 2022 at 12:45 am

    This is a very detailed review! The book sounds great and I will give it a try too…


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