A Perfect YA Romance for Beginners: Rejection: Happens for a Reason by S Mukesh Rao

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YA romance book Rejection: Happens For a Reason by S Mukesh Rao is a brilliant foray delving into relationship ergonomics, giving us the broader bigger picture of relationship issues.

Rejection is more valuable than inaction. All that I have learned until now has been because of rejection. Inaction doesn’t teach me a thing.

So, tell me something you guys, what are your thoughts on rejection? I mean do you feel that rejection is more of a killjoy or rather it is a stepping stone, your next step towards becoming a better version of yourself?

Depends on the way you see it and choose to take it right? Hmm, exactly my point. Rejection teaches one about where one truly stands. Yes, there is nothing wrong with that. There is nothing wrong with being rejected. There is nothing wrong also with being not exactly down the dumps because of it. It’s life, it happens and all things that do happen are for a reason.

So, in case you are wondering why am I discussing relationship ergonomics in detail. Well, looking at Sharad, cruising through his pursuits, his trysts his escapades in life, I am absolutely stoked to be bringing you abreast of this reality of life. Yeah, Sharad guys, the main protagonist in “Rejection: Happens for a reason” by S. Mukesh Rao. A guy we all know and resonate with (oh yes, he is your guy next door absolutely!) here is someone who seems to be failing persistently as far as his lady luck is concerned. 

Sharad for me is that perfect guy next door, the one I like to check out, know about and yet like how Poo in K3G decides to ignore, too would say, never mind!  Yes, Sharad is your brilliant and yet normal guy who is not Shahrukh Khan and yet he is also not the one a girl would ignore. Sometimes, basic is what genuinely intrigues and at the same time, life is surely about the ordinary isn’t it? Mukesh has done an excellent job of creating a cool character through Sharad, one who says it all through his antics. His optimistic, never say die attitude is what is special in spite of the ordinary he possesses. His group of friends are characters who for me were reminiscent of the college days we all enjoyed and experienced.

So, this one started with the timeline capturing Sharad’s college life, going through the series of his highs and lows as far as his personal life and equations in love were concerned. As I proceeded, I could understand in each and every instance why the relationship failed, what particular reason led to its downfall of it and most importantly the Author has made a point to put across Sharad’s perspective and also depict what exactly transpires in a relationship. Yes, for any relationship to flourish and succeed, a mutual, joint effort from both ends, reciprocation is a must and Mukesh has tried to depict these intricacies of love through this one. An entertaining novel which has humour, grit, as well as sarcasm and laughter all, rolled in one, this one was a roller coaster in many regards as I completely felt as though I was actually watching a Bollywood flick, especially the romantic one you know when I was reading through this one. There was spunk to each and every character Mukesh has woven into this feel-good young romantic contemporary fiction. Albeit TBH, sometimes I felt that certain instances did get a bit draggy and dry, as after a point I sincerely felt that maybe Sharad really had something up his sleeve as far as his personality was concerned. Else how was it that he managed to fail every time as far as lady luck was concerned? 

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So, all in all, a feel-good, breakthrough read, a fiction ideal especially for the young adults of today, sifting through a story that fuses humour with wit, and heartbreak as well as a feel-good factor to it. A good piece of writing.

Rejection: Happens for a Reason

Neelam Sharma www.booxoul.com
Author: S Mukesh Rao



A fresh take on a YA romance, good for beginners as well as those who like to read about treating rejections and rebuttals in a positive manner. A fun read

So, hope you guys liked my book review of YA Romance Rejection: Happens For a Reason by S Mukesh Rao.

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