10 Best Harry Potter Movie Scenes We Love

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So, if you have read any of the Harry Potter books, you know that the movies are not far behind, doing decent justice to this larger-than-life saga of magic and wonder. From the first movie itself, some moments stay with you, in tandem with the books, since “vision plays better than writing “many times in the mind’s eye. So, here are the 10 Best Harry Potter movie scenes we love.

Well, I guess there is hardly anyone who does not know the Harry Potter books or movies. Well, if they indeed do not, then I think they must have been living under a rock! There’s no other explanation for it, yeah.

Harry Potter, the series of books by J. K. Rowling, which is one of the biggest sensations to have hit the reading horizon and has been successfully converted into a movie franchise, has been ruling our hearts for more than two decades now. I mean, as if anybody would have ever thought that we would become so engrossed and entwined with Harry and Hogwarts, losing ourselves amidst the wizardry and wonder that the entire Potterverse presented us with. The wizarding world and the expansive universe created by Rowling are one of those enigmas that have not only zillions of fans across the globe but also paved the way for the movie franchise for the same, which is equally stupendous and successful.

Ok, let me be honest about one core, important decision the filmmakers made. How they flawlessly, impeccably decided upon the cast, the lead actors especially (Daniel Radcliffe as Harry, Rupert Grint as Ron, and Emma Watson as Hermione), could be easily said to be matches made in heaven, as these guys not only breathed life into the characters we so far only had access to via books, they managed to make them immortal for us, for life.

Oh yeah, I have grown up alongside these characters, and mind you, as the actors matured, so did you and I, fighting off the evil, the oppression, and eventually battling and winning (good over evil, obvious!). But hey, this was extraordinary, par excellence, since the movies made it look spectacular and mind-blowing.

Ok, I will be honest here, the movies featuring the “Fantastic Beasts” series did not seem to resonate with me, if you ask me if they struck the “Potter” cords. Albeit they were excellent themselves, TBH. But coming back to the HP series, every movie had so many priceless gems, scenes that are seared in our memory, scenes that, when we remember them, feel like a whiff of a fresh flower (every time, even when you might just dwell upon them), scenes that frightened us, goosebumps, amusement, anger, pain, sorrow, joy, were cathartic, inspirational, comical, romantic (oh yeah, remember Harry and Ginny?) and so much more.

So, today I thought, Let me get you guys a list of the 10 Best Harry Potter movie scenes we love. Ok, I will be honest and say there is no particular order for these, as excellence cannot be rated. So, here they go in random order:

The Sorting Hat scene in The Sorcerer’s Stone

Ok, there was so much to do here (c’mon, the makers had to explain the whole wizarding thing!) but I am pretty sure each one of you whoops and cheers even today as the Sorting Hat shouts “Gryffindor.” This scene marks Harry’s presence as well as presents the audience with his character sketch. So, a mass favourite, huh?

The Basilisk Battle in The Chamber of Secrets

Possibly one of the best-shot “action” scenes of the saga, it was a treat to actually see the “monster” Basilisk and also experience Harry defeating it. And when Fawkes appeared magically, healing Harry’s wound with his tears, that was priceless. Ok, I am crying; you are too, right? Help always comes to those who are good to others. There now, I am turning Dumbledore, huh? Anyway, his bravery, the snake’s ferocity, and Ginny’s innocent confession to her mistake were all embedded so well.

Dumbledore’s death in The Half-Blood Prince

Ok, let’s face it: Dumbledore has been much more than a mentor, a cheerleader, and a teacher to Harry. Ok, I can say that he is as good as a parent to him, having always cared for him and watched his back, as Harry struggles to protect himself from You-Know-Who, but losing that mentor, that guide? Irreparable right? And boy, was it filmed brilliantly or what? And by that time, tragedy had already struck Harry so many times that I felt like my heart was just going to split into pieces. The way Dumbledore tells Snape-“Severus, Severus, please…”, almost pleading and whispering it, looking into his eyes, I was like ripped from my own body, ya! And yet, as we eventually came to know why he did that, I was crying even more.

Harry riding on Buckbeak for the first time in The Prisoner of Azkaban

I will be honest; this one here is on the list because I literally “feel the wind on my face” every time I see it. There was so much in this scene—freedom, flight, fun, a dawning comprehension, and most importantly, how Harry sees through Hagrid’s trust for the creature. A major visual treat, this one was excellent in its picturization.

Dumbledore vs. Voldemort in The Order of the Phoenix

Ok, I must confess that it is rare that we get to see wizards in their battle duel (tut, I know I am not a part of the wizarding world, and yet this is a rare event therein). And yet, on this rare occasion, there was so much detail, dynamism, and character conflict in this one that I could not peek between my fingers (I had closed my eyes on this one) to see whether Harry was safe. And that twist where Dumbledore sees the flicker of Voldemort behind Harry’s eyes? Sensational!

Getting the Golden Egg vs. the Hungarian Horntail in The Goblet of Fire

I am betting you anything I own that you must have held your breath throughout the frame as Harry struggles to stay on his Firebolt, trying to divert the dragon in an attempt to whisk the golden egg from under his nose. That was a seriously cool bit of flying, wasn’t it? You might say that why is she not including any of Harry’s wins as a Seeker here. But hey, trust me, this was possibly the best of them all. A live fire-spewing dragon is surely more difficult to overtake any day than catching the tiny fluttering Snitch, right?

Professor Umbridge being pelted by fireworks by the Weasley twins in The Order of the Phoenix

Ok, I love the vibe in this one. The way these two have given it to the nasty woman, punishing her for her notoriety, is like whooping to the power of infinito. How the frames of her own brutal Decrees came crashing down, the helpless Filch, the way they zoomed past her, jeopardizing the entire exam, was sensational! Yay! We all love breaking some rules, and here were Fred and George breaking one, and yet, weren’t we all happy for this one? Remember, Professor Flitwick, saying “yes”? Awesome.

McGonagall shouts “Coward” to Snape in The Deathly Hallows Part 2

Oh man, this one gave me the creeps. The way Harry tells Snape, How dare you stand where he stood? Tell them what happened that night; he trusted you.” And then McGonagall planted herself between Harry and Snape, shouting “coward” at him when he flew away from the Great Hall. It was palpable. Yes, we could sense the start of the battle of Hogwarts from here on, couldn’t we?

The Final wand scene between Harry and Voldemort in The Deathly Hallows 2

Ok, everything about this one is outstanding—the background score, the performance, the cinematography—but there is something so uncanny and comforting at the same time about this one that you feel as if you have just passed through a huge wave of something, all doused and yet undeterred by it. The tour de force I felt here, when Harry points his wand and Voldemort’s wand comes flying to him (its allegiance having changed), was worth a mini fiesta on the spot. And indeed, there are times, even in cinematic history, when you smile and cry at the same time, feeling angst, relief, empowerment, and justice meted out all at once. Bravo! The BGM aka background music, in this one, is ultimate (Lily’s tune, I so love it!)

The “Flash Forward” scene in The Deathly Hallows Part 2

At the end of the series, we were all super stoked for this one. I know you know what has transpired (the books have told us), but I was waiting to see this one in person, “and boy was I stumped! I have been carrying around this one in my heart with love, hope, and flutter that yes, indeed, all is well in Harry’s world—our beloved “Wizarding World”! It is wonderful to see how our favourite trio grew up into these doting, sensible, mature parents who sent their children to the castle and school of wonders, sending them to live and create their dreams. This scene is another vibe and another sentiment altogether!

So, these were the 10 Best Harry Potter movie scenes we loved.

Let me know in the comments which one is your favourite. Stay tuned with us right here at Booxoul for the best in the fields of entertainment, fun, finance, fashion, travel, education, tech, and gadgets, as well as all things bookish.

Adios Amigos!


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