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From Rang Barse to Jai Jai Shiv Shankar: 10 Best Bollywood Holi Songs to Add to Your Playlist

For years now, Bollywood has been successfully churning out some of the best Holi songs we have been crooning, dancing to, and celebrating with for ages. These songs not only add to the festivity of Holi, but they are also melodious, naughty, and full of sprightliness. And why not, since Holi by itself is a festival of life, zing, and flamboyance?

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5 Biggest Bollywood Scandals of 2022

Is Goddess Kali smoking a cigarette? Scandalized aren’t we, hearing it alone? Well, Indian documentary filmmaker Leena Manimekalai drew flak when she shared the poster for her upcoming, depicting this whilst also featuring the lead holding both the Trishul as well as an LGBTQ flag in her hand. Whilst many demanded serious penalization for this, a look at the 5 Biggest Bollywood scandals and controversies of 2022 that made waves.

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Why do we still love the Bollywood Film K3G aka Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham by Karan Johar after 21 years? 5 Iconic Moments Explained

Bollywood Film K3G Aka Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham by Karan Johar is a movie we always end up watching whilst surfing the TV. A wholesome drama which has it all-family drama, love, emotion, entertainment and most important of all -it’s about loving your parents. Presenting 5 iconic moments from K3G depicting why we love it even today, after 21 years

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