Book Review Of Yin And Yang: The Story Of My Life By Surbhi Midha, Exploring Life As It Happened To Her

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Book Review Of Yin And Yang: The Story Of My Life By Surbhi Midha

Book Review Of Yin and Yang: The Story Of My Life

Review by Neelam Sharma,

Author: Surbhi Midha
Writing Style


YIN and YANG: The Story Of My Life, traces the coming of age of the author who grew up in the dual circumstances of privilege and discord. The book narrates the young author’s journey of growing up in a small town of Faridabad but in close proximity to the capital New Delhi. As she leaves the comfort of her home to spread her wings in metros, she learns to live independently handling both people and situations. YIN and YANG is an introspective journey of a young woman, especially the experiences from the age of 21 through the next decade. It is a journey of awakening and seeing life from a perspective. The book explores a young female’s life lived in the shadow of a turbulent childhood with longings and aspirations, both personal and professional. The manner in which the author changes the game despite setbacks makes this book a remarkably inspirational read. The illustrations by artist Avijit Sarkar beautifully complement the story.


So, what is the meaning of Yin and Yang? Well, in Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang describe how obviously opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, inter-connected and independent in the natural world. Such forces which interrelate to each other may also give rise to each other. In Chinese cosmology, the universe creates itself out of primary chaos of material energy, organized into the cycle of Yin and Yang, formed into objects and lives. Yin signifies the receptive whilst Yang implies the active principle.

Hmm. Then, why are we discussing this today? Well, a book I happened to recently read and finish, an autobiography by Surbhi Midha titled Yin and Yang: The Story of My life compelled me to look upon the intricately detailed meaning of this powerful symbology before going further. I must say this book which is an account of how the Author Surbhi has lived through the brilliant dawns as well as not-so shiny dusks of her life, emerging powers, a true winner was a great read. Through this writing of hers, Surbhi has managed to encapsulate the self-learnings she has managed to take away from all those challenging instances which generally would cause one to shatter, get dejected or simply get off the path. 

Narrating her story, growing up in a small town with dreams, she is also a part of a domestic set up which is a classic example of the privileged, affectionate yet close-knit Punjabi family. As she grows up, her pursuits, her failures and successes in life, and her perseverance all marked with challenges as well as disappointments take her to places where she finally realizes her dreams.

A journey of awakening and seeing life from another perspective, it explores a female who has had a somewhat turbulent childhood, trying to get on track to achieving her personal aspirations.

Strongly supporting family values, also acknowledging the true value of family bonding, this is a book which also appealed to me because of an uncannily clear style of writing. Clear because there was absolutely no flowery language or window dressed, larger-than-life, OTT kind of narrations, descriptions or build-ups to prove or put across the point, she was meaning to convey. Generally, an Autobiography might be fancy enough to use such terms or instances so as to sound larger than life, kind of bookish and too good to be true of sorts, but Surbhi ensured that she has put across her true feelings, as it is, unfiltered in a straight forward, transparent manner. 

Moving ahead with positive emotion, an affirmation which is hope personified, even in times of distress was enticing to read. A spot bit of editing could have helped though, making the narrative a bit error-free as far as grammar was concerned. Nevertheless, the manner in which Surbhi puts forth her point, inspiring all girls out there to move ahead with full gusto, brushing aside all that life might hurl towards their way was inspiring.

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A special mention to the poetic verses and the quotes herein. Sometimes, these do more than add to the aesthetic value of a narrative or write-up. They not only add a spot bit of lively zingy freshness to the writing but also help to break the monotony of a monologue. In this case, these verses are absolutely apt, bringing in a perspective of love, perseverance as well as all those qualities which Surbhi has imbibed and wants her readers to be taking away from her write-up. Also, the illustrations by the artist Avijit Sarkar are the perfect complimentary accomplice to this brilliant write up

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